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        ,Songgang street is located in the northwest of Baoan District, Shenzhen, north of the town of Changan, bordering Shenzhen, Dongguan City, the Northwest portal. Total area of 64 square kilometers, the total area of 18 residents, the total population of about 600 thousand people, of which the household population of. Eastern and northeastern and Komeito adjacent, South even manhole, North and northwest and Dongguan Changan Town bordering is mainland access by road Shenzhen northwest portal. Is a foreign investment ideal choice of Song Gang from Shenzhen City 45 kilometers, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, according to the back of the affluent Pearl River Delta hinterland, has always been on both sides of the East (Dongguan) treasure (an) important hub and logistics center, the development of export-oriented economy is extremely advantageous.
        What kind of business do you like?
        Three businessmen selected products: I as long as the price is low, I want to be a price war!
        The second-class businessmen selected project: now look at the money, no matter how the future!
        The best business model: six for superior Lijia business model, namely the choice of the future to join!
        Let you stand in the war zone - the whole house home custom model
        Superior Lijia rich product line, the whole house furniture can be customized, victory over fellow cabinet or closet single product customization; to the convenience of one-stop shopping, cater to the timeliness of modern people, the demand for convenience; the whole house can be customized style maximization to create your personalized home!
        The idea that the enemy - Guide Design Fusion Model
        Standard guide mode, modular products, professional product design training, trainees can engaged in the designer, can also become a shopping guide, cultivate versatile talents and to help you improve performance!
        Full set of mature cells, promotional display tool with real examples to support the business development, full-time person District collaborative depth plot deep customer, for residential development into orders for explosive!
        Commandos - decoration company model
        Decoration company joint venture model system, with the aid of the decoration company and the strong relation network, balance of interests allocation scheme, let them for your sales, the early bird catches the worm clutching customers!
        The opponent into the water - the two development model
        The use of pipe marketing principles, to attract customers with a single product promotion, through program reengineering, product promotion, concept guide, bundled concessions, the two development of customers, to guide customers to customize the whole house.
        With you together, the headquarters operation mode
        If you feel difficult in the market, competition is too strong, to the headquarters of the draw, we will deploy forcing troops to help you break through the bottleneck, the leading peer, and lead the market.
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